Get Sarted With Your Matlab Experiences

   Yen-Chen Chen’s Matlab Tutorials provide high school students a simple way to learn Matlab programming, including basic codes, 2D or 3D plots, commonly used algorithms, helpful tools for complicated calculations, signal processing and some special functions. We provide different lectures for starters, intermediates and advanced users:

1. If you are a starter, the basic programming lectures (Chapter 1 to 5, except the selective courses)     will be the best choice for you to start approaching Matlab.

2. If you already have the basic concepts of Matlab programming, the intermediate lectures                   (Chapter 6 to 10 and the selective courses in Chapter 1 to 5) will be the best choice for you to           improve your Matlab skills.

3. If you are already adept in all the basic programming, tools and algorithms in Matlab, the                   advanced lectures (Chapter 11 to 20) will be the best choice for you to understand more about         the applications of Matlab in your research projects and how it can make your life more                     convenient and delightful.

   After the class, it’s required for you to finish all the assignments provided on this website. You are able to download the codes examples to help you finish your assignments. After you have finished all the assignments, you may hand in your answers on this website and see if your answers are correct or not.

  If you have any problems with the lectures or assignments, please let us know and we will reply you in no more than 3 days.




1. If you are a starter, it’s required for you to watch the lectures from Chapter 1 to 5 respectively           because all the concepts presented in the tutorials are continuous.

2. If you’ve watched all the tutorials and submitted all the assignments with correct answers, you         may get a special gift from Yen-Chen Chen (students at Tainan First Senior High School only).

3. If you are able to point out the mistakes in Yen-Chen Chen’s Matlab tutorials or the answers to         the assignments, you may get a special gift from Yen-Chen Chen.