This program will simulate the vibration of a 160-meter-high building before and after the installation of the paraboloidal tank TLD. You need to input the following parameters so that the program will tell you the optimal design of your own TLD and how many percent of vibration will be mitigated.

1. The Mass Ratio of water in TLD to the structure (from 0.2 to 2.0 %).

2. The Number of Tanks you want to use (even number from 2 to 12).

3. The Intensity of Earthquake (peak ground acceleration; under 150 % g).

No ideas for the intensity of earthquake in how many “% g” of peak ground acceleration? Please refer to the following table (in scale).



1. You may need to install the “mcrinstaller” (matlab compiler runtime installer) before you run this program. Please download it here.

2. It’s suggested to use Windows 10 to run this program.